Heidenvolk is a label for sound and other artistic releases. Originally meant for Darkwood recordings only, it is open for collaborative activities, world-wide conspiracies, and mental assemblies.

We can be contacted at Heidenvolk, PF 200211, 01192 Dresden, Germany or at:

For further information on Darkwood, please see the Darkwood website.

"Der Glaube wirket der Liebe Werke - die Liebe leite des Glaubens Licht."


25th June 2023 - At the turn of the year, Darkwood will be playing at the Rauhnacht Festival in Lauter.

3rd March 2023 - Darkwood will also be playing at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig.

4th February 2023 - In May this year, Darkwood will be playing at the Hyperborea Festival in Budapest.

3rd February 2023 - The Darkwood CD "Notwendfeuer" is now available.

16th January 2023 - The "Notwendfeuer" CD will be available at the beginning of February.