Heidenvolk is a label for sound and other artistic releases. Originally meant for Darkwood recordings only, it is open for collaborative activities, world-wide conspiracies, and mental assemblies.

We can be contacted at Heidenvolk, PF 200211, 01192 Dresden, Germany or at:

For further information on Darkwood, please see the Darkwood website.

"Der Glaube wirket der Liebe Werke - die Liebe leite des Glaubens Licht."


20th December 2017 - A few copies of the LP "Lied der Kämpfer: A tribute to DARKWOOD" in black vinyl are now available here as well.

17th December 2017 - On the occasion of the 20th band anniversary of Darkwood, a compilation LP entitled "Lied der Kämpfer: A tribute to DARKWOOD" has been realized by Terry Collia of In Ruin in collaboration with FolkWorld. The LP can be ordered through FolkWorld or through TESCO.

6th December 2017 - The CD "Notwendfeuer" is now available.

22nd November 2017 - At the end of this year, there will be a re-pressing of the album "Notwendfeuer".

12th November 2017 - In Ruin will be playing two shows in Scandinavia in November this year.

28th October 2017 - The transparent version of "Erntefeuer" is now available as well.

7th October 2017 - The black version of the 10inch vinyl record entitled "Erntefeuer" is now available. The transparent version will presumably be deliverable soon.

3rd May 2017 - Nice reports of the Porta Nigra XII - Walpurgis Night festival in Dutch can be found at Snoozecontrol and at Dark Entries.

24th April 2017 - Darkwood will also be playing at the Porta Nigra XII - Walpurgis Night in Aarschot/Belgium in April this year.

1st March 2017 - Another Darkwood concert will take place in Tel Aviv/Israel on April 21st.

16th February 2017 - This year will see the release of a Darkwood 10inch entitled "Erntefeuer" published by Lichterklang in collaboration with Heidenvolk.

15th February 2017 - A very detailed review of "Flammenlieder" in English can be found at Heathen Harvest.

20th January 2017 - Furthermore, Darkwood will be playing in Zurich/Switzerland on March 31st.

6th January 2017 - The Pilots Shirts are back in stock now in all sizes. Additionally, we have made the Mountain Caps available again.