At this site, Heidenvolk offers a platform for publishing essays and articles which are somehow related to archaic culture and a pure way of living. The copyright remains with the author. If anybody is interested in using one of the essays or making a contribution himself, please send an e-mail to Heidenvolk. Due to a lack of time for translation, the essays will basically remain in their original language.

"Runen - Tradition & Interpretation" by Dr. Kay Busch (German) read
"Über Masken" by Antje N. (German) read
"Katharsis durch Musik" by Antje N. (German) read
"On Alchemy - Accompanying Comments to the Soundwork Lapis" by Christopher Walton (English) read
"Carl Orff: A Short Biographical Sketch of Carmina Burana" by LJN (English) read